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Day 62: Brink Road Shelter to Pochuck Mountain Shelter (32.0 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 13, 2004 - Woke up to no rain so I got a quick start since I heard that it was supposed to rain all week. It’s a lot better starting out before the rain. Still no views from these overlooks because of the clouds so I kept moving to avoid the rain. Still the rocks are bad but not as bad as that 50 stretch in Penn. The clouds started to clear up as I got to High Point which is supposed to be a great place to see a lot of NJ. When I got there I kind of got a view; best view so far in NJ. Got a lot of trail magic at the shelter. Some guy was filling up the bear boxes, which is what you put your food in at the shelter so bears can’t get it, with lots of snack foods. Made it to the shelter for the night in good time giving me 31.5 miles on the day. Trying to stay on schedule since I’m meeting Ben in a few days.

Hike through New Jersey wetlands

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