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Day 3: Wood’s Hole Shelter to Low Gap Shelter (14.7 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

May 15, 2004 - Today was the first time I’ve seen the sun since being on the AT. I could see the view on top of the mountains and see the mountain range and not just fog everywhere. However I didn’t have a great morning of hiking. Last night I didn’t feel all that great, had stomach problems. Then when I woke up I was so sore from the hike the day before. Then the first climb was Blood Mountain at 4400 feet from sea level. The hike up wasn’t so bad, it was the way down that really hurt. After Blood Mt. we came into Neel’s Gap for a few supplies and to take advantage of the bathrooms, taking a bath in the sink. Then we went all the way to Low Gap shelter, giving us 14.7 miles for the day. We had a nice easy day of hiking after yesterday’s high mileage. Tomorrow Joe and I will be going separate ways. He is going into Helen, GA and staying the night to pick up his mail drop. I will be moving on. We will probably meet back up in a few days.

Neel’s Gap

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