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Day 2: Stover Creek Shelter to Wood’s Hole Shelter (24.1 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

May 14, 2004 - I just finished my first 20+ day, 24.1 miles, Stover Creek to Woods Hole. It was a long day of hiking. The reason for the 24 miles was because the first shelter from today’s starting point was only 12 miles away and Woods Hole was the next. Also, Joe thought his friends would be here but it turned out they weren’t. Joe and I hiked most of the day together. We figured out that we hike about the same pace on flat ground but different when up or downhill. Me, with my strong leg muscles had no problem with the up-hills and could fly up them. On the down-hills Joe could fly down them, almost jumping down. So in the end it evens out. At dinner we took a long break, I had mac & cheese and tuna. After a short nap it was 6.3 to Woods Hole shelter. Since we had put in 17.5 miles already we decided to take it easy to the shelter. I however felt the need to go a little faster than Joe and showed up at Woods Hole about 40 min before him. There were 4 other guys at the shelter and I could have fit in but just decided to pitch the tent. No bear sightings yet but I did see a deer.

Deer hiding in the woods

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