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Day 32: War Spur Shelter to Sarver Hollow Shelter (12.2 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 13, 2004 - Today is the worst day I’ve had and only got in 12.2 miles. I was sick most of last night. I had to keep using the bathroom and ran out of TP. So I slept in until 9 am and about 15 minutes after I left it started pouring rain. Also, my left ankle just started killing me. What a horrible morning I had. Right before I got there someone had left drinks and cookies for hikers, which is known as Trail Magic. That was the only thing good that happened today, and most of today’s hike was uphill. I had planned on going on to the next shelter 6 miles down the trail but I thought it would be smart to rest my legs. I’m waking up early and try to make up those 6 miles and stay on schedule. So that means 38 miles tomorrow. Let’s hope I can do it.

War Spur Shelter

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