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Day 28: Chestnut Knob Shelter to Helveys Mill Shelter (23.8 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 9, 2004 - Another boring day of hiking, Virginia is just flat compared to the other states so far. It was an easy day, only 24 miles. I felt an easy day would be good for my legs since I’ve been really pushing them since Damascus. Got into camp at 5:30pm which is about 2 hours earlier than most days. I had hoped to make it to the next shelter, 10 miles away because I thought there would be more people there. It turned out those people were at this one. It’s fun to talk with new people on the trail. So I’m glad to stop early. Since today was light I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Chestnut Knob Shelter

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