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Day 20: Curley Maple Gap Shelter to Roan High Knob Shelter (27.3 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

June 1, 2004 - First day of June and it was a good one. It rained a little this morning but doesn’t count as a rain day because I was sleeping. It was such a beautiful day of clear blue skies and temps in the 70s. It was a long day of 27.3 miles. It was uphill the first 9, then a relaxing 3 down to the shelter for lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and cookies. Then back to work. The hiking wasn’t too bad until mile 24 at Hughes Gap (elev. 4040 ft), then went up Roan High Mt (elev 6285). It was only 3.5 miles but it seemed to take a lot longer. Then we ate dinner at the top even though we had planned on going 4 more miles before eating dinner. Dinner was peas and mashed potatoes, a Lipton dinner, and Gatorade. Then it was another mile to the shelter. We had planned on going to the next one but both of us were too tired and it would be dark soon. We will get an early start in the morning and maybe get 30 tomorrow. We still plan on getting into Damascus, VA on Friday night then taking a zero day on Saturday.

Little Bald Knob

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