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Day 108: Castle Pass to Canada Border (3.7 miles - 2650.1)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 23, 2016 - Actually I hiked 12.5 miles today. The trail officially ends at the border but I still had to hike about another 8 miles to Manning Park.

I got up really late today, 7:30am. I did wake up in the middle of the night to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile, I was just too excited to finish my hike. Even when I woke up I took my time packing up since I didn’t have far to go, just 3.7 miles downhill to the border.

Those 3.7 miles took no time at all. Right before I got there I went down a switchback and got my first view of the monument, gave me this excitement feeling that I finally made it. I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to really celebrate until I actually got to the border even though for the last 400 miles people kept congratulating me on my thru-hike, I really didn’t like hearing that at least not until I actually finished.

At first I was all alone at the border, so many emotions going on, couldn’t believe I made from Mexico to Canada. So to celebrate I put my self timer on my camera and took a lot of pictures.

After about 45 minutes a few others started to show up so I could at least celebrate with others. Actually one of the other guys was from Tulsa as well.

I finished off the rest of my food and almost all my water so I basically had nothing in my pack and was off to Manning Park Resort.

The first 4 miles were uphill which wasn’t too bad but then flew down the rest of the way, going over 4 mph.

I got to Manning Park Resort and went straight to get some food. I ran into other hikers I’ve met before and had dinner with them. The resort is very hiker friendly as they allow 1 free shower and a drink to the thru-hikers along with giving access to the pool/hot tub. That hot tub felt so good, I didn’t want to get out. After the cleaning up I did laundry so I wouldn’t be smelly on the bus that I would be taking at 1:50am which gets me into Vancouver around 5:30am, then fly out to Tulsa at 3pm and get in around 11pm. Should be fun these next 24 hours.

Last mile of trail

First view of the border

Northern Terminus of the PCT at the USA/Canada Border

Manning Park

Manning Park Resort Lodge

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