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Hike Status and Gear List

A lot of signs are pointing towards me getting a chance to hike the CDT this summer. So far my back has made great strides since I got started on PT back at the beginning of January. I'm back to running about 20-25 miles a week. It was great news that the back specialist thought I didn't need surgery, so far things have been trending in the right way.

Also on the positive side I have my covid vaccine scheduled for early March so thats another thing I won't have to worry about.

Lastly, a lot of the covid restrictions are being lifted or cut back in states where the CDT travels. It looks like I have have transports to the southern terminus. I still need to figure out the logistics of getting to Lordsburge, NM.

I will say I have not completely committed to this hike, a lot can happen between now and May as last spring taught me things can change quickly. I will say I feel pretty good at the moment that this hike will happen.

Since it looks like I may get to hike I've been putting the final touches of my gear list. I've got just about everything I need as you can see in the pictures of below. There are a few minor thing left like my food container/eating utensil but this is pretty much it.


The next 4 pictures show all my gear that I will carry at all times. This is known as my base weight, as it doesn't include food and water.

As of right now I have my base weight at 11.7 lbs (187 oz). Like I said, I still have a few minor things to add so after all is said and done I should be in the 12-12.5 lbs range.

Now in the last picture there are a few things I will carry but just in certain spots, snow and bear gear.

In my next post I'll show my clothing I will be hiking in along with my hiking pole.


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