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Day 99: Snoqualmie Pass to Delate Creek (18.0 miles - 2408.7)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 14, 2016 - Slept in till 8am where then went to breakfast followed by the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed that weren’t in my mail drop. Then I took my time packing up then it was back to the trail.

Mindy dropped me off just after 12pm, luckily it wasn’t too warm. It was so nice for Mindy for taking good care of me, driving me wherever I needed to go and letting me crash at her apartment.

I had a big climb right out of the gate, had to climb over 3000ft but it was over 12 miles so it seemed very gradual. However I climbed up closer to 5000ft as there were some up and downs.

The trail was pretty level and easy even though it was all uphill. I must had seen 10 people running up, I heard they have a big race on this part of the PCT. I did have to stop a lot to let people go down as there were so many on trail today doing day hikes. Normally the person going uphill has the right away but it’s just easy to move over when there are big groups.

I got to a saddle then walk along this narrow ridge called the Kendall Katwalk.

The rest of the day was hiking out in the open along the ridge of the mountains going up and down.

The last 2 miles had me switchback down to the campsite at Delate Creek which had this cool waterfall. Not much camping area but found a spot for my tent.

Kendall Katwalk

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