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Day 99: Cloud Pond Lean-to to Stealth Site-W. Pleasant River (11.1 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

August 19, 2004 - Another day of hiking sick, I’m getting tired of this, I really hope there is nothing really wrong with me but I think it’s from all the food I ate while in Monson. I was only able to get in 11.1 miles in where I had planned on 25. It took forever to get over all 4 mountains in the morning; Chairback was a lot harder than I thought, not much elevation change but very rocky, wet and felt sick. By the time I got to the first shelter 7 miles away it was already lunch time so I ate lunch and took a 3 hour nap which helped some. While at the shelter there was another guy that was sick like me. Right in the corner of the shelter was a hiker box with a bag of different kinds of medicine. In the bag there looked like some pepto bismal. At first was a little worried about taking some unknown pill but I was hurting pretty bad and wanted to get better. I first let the other guy take one then decided as I might as well try. Only time would tell if that was a bad mistake. I had planned on going to the next shelter that was only 10 miles and mostly downhill but about a mile into my hike from the last shelter I felt horrible and just planned on going to the river and camping there with a few other guys that I met at the last shelter. Got down to the river around 6, cooked dinner, made camp, and went straight to bed right as it was raining.

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