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Day 97: Urich Cabin to Meadows Creek (35.0 miles - 2379.5)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 12, 2016 - Woke up at 1am to watch the meteor shower out in the meadow. Laying on a long log looking up was pretty amazing with all the falling stars and not to mention seeing all those stars that one normally can’t see in the city. I only lasted about 20 minutes as I was about to fall asleep so I went back to my tent.

Got up and was on trail by 7am. Was in the woods for awhile and hiking in some muddy areas. I was hiking and noticed how nice the trail looked and thought there must be trail workers and soon I came across them.

Soon after I came to a road and saw I sign labeled food. At first I thought it was either for the trail workers or was old so I almost just kept going but decided to see what it was all about. I walk up to this big white tent and sure enough they were feeding hikers. The food was for the trail workers but they had more than enough so they were feeding hikers as well. I started off with freshly made tacos prepared by Vicky along with some fresh fruit. I ended up staying about an hour but I was in no rush. Vicky gave made me a sandwich to go along with some fruit, trail mix and candy.

Had a few ridge walks where I got some nice views but most of the day I was in the woods. I could see off in the distance the steep mountains to where I would be heading.

I came across some more trail magic of cold water and Capri Suns which always welcomed on a warm day.

Towards the end of the day I still was unsure where to camp as the spot where I wanted to didn’t have an actual camp spot on the map but there always some kind of flat spot near water. I had 2 places to choice from. The first creek had a perfect spot but I decided to gamble and head to the next one 2 miles farther. I knew it would be getting dark by the time I got there. Got to the creek and filled up on water but didn’t see any camp spots so I moved on but found a spot right next to another tent, luckily there was a spot for me. Plan to wake up early and get to Snoqualmie Pass as soon as possible where I’ll get picked up and taken to Seattle.

Urich Cabin

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