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Day 96: Two Lakes Trail Junction to Urich Cabin (32.5 miles - 2344.5)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 11, 2016 - Had a hard time getting up this morning but figured the hike for the day looked easy so I could sleep a little longer.

Soon after leaving camp I entered Mt Rainier National Park where I had great views of Mt Rainier all day long.

Pretty easy hike along a ridge where I dropped down to Dewey Lake which I really enjoyed, would have been a nice camp spot.

Then it was a short uphill followed by a 1.5 mile descent to Chinook Pass where I must have passed over a 100 people head up, I guess the area is popular with the entrance to Mt Rainier NP was right down at the road.

I got down to the highway and cross it on a cool wooden bridge. Then it was a nice climb up to Sheep Lake, another cool camping spot. From there the rest of the day was ridge walking where I saw amazing view after amazing view. I can see why everyone loves hiking in Washington, as long as the weather is cooperating.

I found this get spot for lunch with a nice view of Mt Rainier. Just as I was about to pack up I heard a fighter jet which I’ve heard several the last few days. However this time I see one and it heads right towards me and flies low between me and mountains across. As it flies by me it turns to its side, I could have thrown a rock and hit it that it was that close.

About 3 miles from the cabin I ran into some southbounders. We chat about campsites with clear openings so we have a good view of the meteor shower. They tell me the cabin is no good that I should push on another 1.5 after.

I finally got to Urich Cabin before sunset. It’s a much bigger cabin than I thought but it has a mice problem so I’m pitching my tent next to it in the woods. While I was setting up I saw several moose out in the open meadow. Not sure what those guys were thinking telling me this would be a bad spot to watch the meteor shower. I plan to wake up in a few hours to watch the meteor shower which is suppose to be a good one.

Mt Rainier

Dewey Lake

Heading down towards Chinook Pass

Mt Rainier sneaking above the surrounding mountains

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