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Day 96: Pierce Pond Lean-to to Moxie Bald Lean-to (22.8 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

August 16, 2004 - Got no sleep last night because one of the guys in the shelter snored all night and when I finally fell asleep the bugs woke me up at first light at 5am, probable got 2 hours of sleep. Had to hang around the campsite till 7 since the place I was going for breakfast that was about 0.25 of a mile away didn’t start serving until 7:30. The breakfast at Harrison campsite was very good of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and juice. I could have many plates but I only could get one. After breakfast Shepherd and I headed for the Kennebec River where we would have a guy in a canoe take us across because it’s a very wide and dangerous river to ford. A guy waits at the river from 9-11 and 2-4. He was a very nice guy but seemed very lonely, had a hard time trying to leaving, he talked to us for a long time. It was a very easy hike all the way to Pleasant Pond then had a nice little uphill and down to Moxie Pond and up Bald Mt where there looked like there was a nasty storm coming in so Shepherd and I ran the 2 miles down Bald to the shelter. It rained a little on us at the shelter while cooking dinner but didn’t last long so we both decided to pitch tents for the night since the bugs were bad because we were camped right next to a pond. Let’s hope the rain holds off because I hate having to pack up a wet tent. 22.8 miles, another 20+ mile day.

Getting ready to cross the Kennebec River by canoe with Shepherd

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