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Day 94 - so close to Glacier (27.8 miles)

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

August 11, 2021

Miles: 27.8 miles

Steps: 56,075

Was woken up around 5am to a loud noise. Sounded like a car driving by. I think some big animal was running through the creek. I will say I’ve seen a lot of mountain lion prints in the mud the last few days. I may have seen some bear prints as well.

I actually got up before my alarm went off. I was packed up and ready by 6:45am. I even had time to watch the sunrise.

Most of my climbing for the day was first thing. The first part in the woods then made it up to the ridge where got my last views of the Bob.

I ran into a lot of overgrowth heading down back to the valley floor. Once at the bottom I followed the creek all the way to the highway that takes you into East Glacier which the CDT runs parallels to for the most part.

I did stopped for awhile at the creek to rest, eat, and wash myself and clothes. I figured since I only was hiking 27 miles I had extra time.

Right next to the highway is a pay campsite. I passed one of the campsites and it was a section hiker who invited me to stay at his site. We chatted for awhile before heading off to bed.

Plan to wake up really early and road walk into East Glacier as it’s shorter and flatter so it gets me into town a lot quicker. I finished off all my food except for one cliff bar so I’m really hungry. I hope to get my backcountry permit set up tomorrow which will dictate when I get to finish my hike.

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