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Day 92: Panther Creek to CS2216 (36.6 miles - 2216.2)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 7, 2016 - Had a good night sleep but I had a nice little climb first thing, close to 3000ft over 6 miles however it would be my only long climb on the day. The morning started off cool as it was very cloudy but figured it would burn off like it did yesterday. While hiking uphill I was hoping I would get some more views of the surrounding area but I’ve pretty much been in the woods since I left Oregon.

On the way up there were a few openings in the trees but still kind of cloudy and looked like rain to the north. As the day went on it seemed to get darker so I knew it was only a matter of time before the rain started. I probably wouldn’t mind a little rain as its only rained on my twice on this whole trip but today was chilly so I didn’t want to be wet and cold.

Right before my lunch break it started to sprinkle but by the time I made it to Blue Lake it had stopped.

After lunch I had 13 more miles. Originally I had planned on staying at Blue Lake for the day but since I got 5.5 miles in more yesterday and the trail is much easier than I thought so I decided to move on.

About 7 miles to go until camp the rain started to come down. Started off light then slowly got harder. The last mile of hiking for the day the rain was off and on. It had stopped while I got water out of the creek so that was nice as the rain really didn’t bother me while hiking, only when I was stopped.

At camp I pitched my tent as fast as I could thinking the rain could start back up at any moment. It appears the rain maybe clearing up so hopefully tomorrow will be clear skies.

Not sure how far I’ll go tomorrow. I know the trail is going to get much harder the closer I get to the Goat Rocks.

Hiking in Washington

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