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Day 92 - Chinese Wall and Spotted Bear (30.7 miles)

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

August 9, 2021

Miles: 30.7 miles

Steps: 66,637

Slept in again as I figured it was going to be a tough day as I would be started the Spotted Bear route which I’ve been hearing horror stories for the last 1000 miles. Didn’t think I would get in a 30 miler with all the blow downs I was expecting.

Right before leaving camp some forest service guys stopped by and chatted with them. They informed me a lot of Spotted Bear was clear so that was good news. I figured I could get in more miles, too bad I waited until 8am to start hiking.

The first part of the morning was in the woods then it opened up and got a great view of the Chinese Wall which is a rock face that stretches for 12 miles. The first part was covered in fog.

On my way up I ran into some section hikers who gave me some extra food as I’m concerned I didn’t send myself enough in my last mail box. Luckily I’m going to get through this section about a day early which helps.

Also ran into some southbounders who gave me a lot of great info on the trail ahead.

Soon after went back into the woods where I pretty much stayed the rest of the day as no other views other than green leafs.

I started the Spotted Bear route and hit some blow downs early but weren’t bad at all, just a few that first mile then none after all the way to camp. Now there was a lot of overgrowth and mud which slowed me down a little.

Ran into some trail maintenance workers and they told me most of the trail was clear except for going over the pass. I stopped right before the switchbacks up so I’ll find out tomorrow how bad the blow downs are. Up to this point this trail has been easy but I expect that to change quick.

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