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Day 89: The Barn Hostel to Full Goose Shelter (21.4 miles)

August 9, 2004 - After breakfast of donuts and milk I hitched my way back to the trail and started the steep climb up Cascade Mt. After that it was a boring hike until I got to the great state of Maine, the 14th and last state of my hike. I had some hard climbs to the shelter even though it was only 5 miles from the state line, Southern Maine is suppose to be the hardest on the trail and its living up to that. It took me awhile to actually realize I was in Maine, that I was so close to finishing the hike. The shelter was almost full when I got there, I got the last spot. Cooked my dinner then off to bed. I better get a good night’s sleep since I have the Mahoosuc Notch and Arm tomorrow which is suppose to be the hardest climbs on the AT., we shall see if that is true. Got in my first 20+ miler in a long time with 21.4 miles.

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