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Day 89: Indian Springs CG to Cascade Locks (15.1 miles - 2144.2)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 4, 2016 - Woke up just before my alarm so got a little early start but since the trail started off in such thick forest it was pretty dark out so I needed to use my headlamp for the first mile.

Those first 2 miles were rough as I dropped down 1700ft with most of the trail on sharp rocks so made slow going. Once the steep part was over it was on level trail so that was nice.

I decided to bypass 19 miles of PCT for the 15 mile Eagle Creek Trail because of all the cool water falls. Plus most of the trail follows this very narrow ridge with the creek/gorge next to you so was cool hiking the whole way to town.

The first big falls I came to was the famous Tunnel Falls which is really the main reason I took the trail. The trail actual goes behind the water through a cave.

The next big one I came across was the Punch Bowl which earlier in the day I found out someone died at the spot yesterday, fell off and broke his neck. There are large cables all around and says that there is no jumping allowed.

I saw others water falls all the way down to the trailhead.

At the trailhead it was a 3 mile hike on a biking path all the way to Cascade Locks and the Bridge of the Gods. When I cross the bridge I’ll be in my last state, Washington, and be 500 miles from the finish.

Arriving into town was a wonderful site, the Bridge of the Gods was surreal. Right next to the bridge was a nice restaurant so of course I had to partaking in a hamburger. The restaurant had a nice view of the bridge and the Columbia River.

After lunch I went hiking around town to find a place to stay for the night. I could have gone for the cheap route and just camped at the tent site down by the river but went for nicer motel room and real bed, I felt like I had earned it. Once I checked it was time to do laundry and take a shower.

While doing my laundry I met up with my Russian friend, I was a little surprised he was still in town. I chatted with him for awhile. He plans to leave tomorrow. I thought about heading with him but I knew the extra day of rest is what my ankle needed. I knew once he left town I probably wouldn’t see him again.

The rest of the day was just spend in my room relaxing on the bed and watching tv.

Then for dinner I went over to the Ale House for a pizza dinner. It was a very hiker friendly place as us hikers had our own room in the back along with a very large hiker box. It was the best pizza I’ve had on trail and the service was great. I ended up eating dinner with a guy I met back at the Hiker Hut. We spend awhile sharing hiking stories. He was just planning on camping down by the river so I invited him back to my hotel room since I had plenty of room. He is a really cool guy and would have been nice to finish the trail with him as well but he was leaving in the morning and I needed the rest.

Eagle Creek Trail

Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek Trail heading towards Cascade Locks

Heading behind Tunnel Falls

Punchbowl Falls

Bike path towards Cascade Locks

Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks

Columba River

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