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Day 87: Warm Springs River to Timberline Lodge (32.4 miles - 2094.5)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 2, 2016 - Decided to sleep in all the way till 5:45am since I only had 32 miles to do today and most of it would be flat until the last part as I would hike up Mt Hood.

The whole day was basically on level trail so no rocks to scramble on but did have to hike in sand the last 1.5 miles towards Timberline Lodge.

The morning started off with an uphill which I’m never a fan of but it didn’t last long. Then it was nice flat and soft trail all the way around Timothy Lake. I had planned to do some swimming but it was just too cold, upper 50s, and a little windy.

After Timothy Lake I came to a short side trail to Little Crater Lake. That was such blue and clear water. Not to mention it was super cold. I would have jumped in if it wasn’t so cold.

Then it was more flat and tree cover hiking until I crossed the highway then it was 5.5 miles up Mt Hood to Timberline Lodge. The first 4 miles were in the woods then it started to open up and got one of the best views I’ve seen in awhile with Mt Hood front and center. The view to the south was just as nice.

The last 1.5 miles was slow hiking as it was very sandy and steep. I had no problem going slow as I enjoyed taking in the views.

However the view of Mt Hood didn’t last long as clouds were rolling in, hopeful they clear up later.

I found a great spot to camp in a covered area very close to Timberline Lodge, just 0.1 mile away.

After setting up camp and went down to the lodge to check it out and hang out in their common room and to use the wifi.

I’ll get to really sleep in tomorrow as breakfast doesn’t start until 7:30am.

Mt Hood National Forest

Mt Hood National Forest

Little Crater Lake

Mt Hood National Forest, Mt Hood hiding in the clouds

Mt Hood

Timberline Lodge

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