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Day 86 - into the woods and hazy (36.2 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

August 3, 2021

Miles: 36.2 miles

Steps: 75,441

Well I still couldn’t get my air mattress fixed. Sleeping on the hard ground is not fun but I will be in Helena soon where I should be able to get a repair kit or buy a foam pad.

I had planned for 30 for the day so I allowed myself to sleep in. The profile map didn’t look too bad but it was way easier of a day than I was expecting.

I stayed in the woods almost the entire day so it was kind of a boring day. Every once in awhile I would come out into a meadow but not for long.

The views I did get was covered up in haze. I thought I was done with the haze as it was so clear leaving Anaconda but I guess there are too many fires in the area.

Got to my planned campsite at 5:45pm which was too soon to stop and there was no water in the area. I was hiking at 3.5 mph pretty much all day. I decided to hike another 6 miles to a small pond.

The camping spots weren’t all that great next to the pond so I filled up on water and hiked a quarter of a mile uphill to a flat spot.

The nice thing about going farther today was I would be that much closer to town tomorrow morning, just in time for lunch.

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