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Day 86: Jeff Creek to Warm Springs River (34.3 miles - 2062.1)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

August 1, 2016 - Woke up at my normal time of 5am, surprised I was the only one up, my guess those others were section hikers but I figured that with all the bear canisters around.

I knew the first 6 miles would be hard as they were all uphill and the last part looked really rough by the profile map. The first 4 miles weren't so bad when I came out of the woods and officially entered Jefferson Park. I was right at the base and got great views as I walked away from it. That’s when the fun began as I had about 1000 foot of climbing over only 1.5 miles on very loose rocks. As I was climbing I heard a helicopter overhead and saw it circling Mt Jefferson so I assumed it was searching for someone. Later I found out at Lake Olallie as I had a group of rescue works stopped by and ask me if I had seen this kid while I was hiking.

Once at the top of the pass I had even a better view of Jefferson and all the mountains north that I would be heading to including Mt Hood.

I finally had cell coverage so I tried to look up about Olallie Lake to see if they take credit cards which their website said they did. So it was a 9 mile hike down which wasn’t too bad but did have some snow to deal with.

I got to Olallie Lake Resort and walk into the general store. No lights or anything like that, just a few solar panels that powered the fridge so things didn’t look good about credit cards. I ask the lady behind the desk about credit cards and says they do take them only they have to use the old paper swipe machine. I was so happy I just started going crazy on food buying, probable bought too much but it will get eaten.

I went outside to eat lunch and pack up my goods. Had a great view of the lake with Jefferson off in the distance.

I stayed there too long as I still wanted to get in 19 miles and since mostly flat and downhill I knew it was doable.

The hike to camp was easy and made it before dark. I knew there would not be a mosquitos problem because as I was filling up water in the nearby river I saw several bats swoop down to eat the bugs right on top of the water.

Looking forward to get to Timberline Lodge tomorrow and their all you can eat breakfast buffet the next morning.

Mt Jefferson

Looking north towards Mt Hood

Olallie Lake with Mt Jefferson in the background

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