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Day 85: CS1991 to Jeff Creek (36.7 miles - 2027.8)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

July 31, 2016 - Morning started off great, no mosquitos. However it did get pretty cold last night, had to put on my jacket.

The morning hiking was easy and was feeling great. My first stop of the day was at a pond to fill up on water then I was off to more easy hiking trails until I hit the road. I was hoping for a little trail magic but there was none.

Soon crossed into Mt Jefferson Wilderness and it was like being back in the desert, burned up trees and sand. I did have to navigate over fallen trees which is never fun. Hiked around and got some great views of 3 Finger Jack. At my next water break I watch a deer eat some wild berries around a lake.

After all that I made it to Rockpile Lake for lunch, nice spot. Found a nice shady spot to eat. Right as I was about to leave one of the hikers nearby came over to chat, he is heading south. After a few minutes I mention about resupplying at Olallie Lake Resort and he said it’s cash only. That’s a big problem as I only have one dollar left. Not sure what to do then guy comes over and hands me $20 and says the place is expensive and won’t get very far and walks away then come back with his food bag. He says he is picking up a box tomorrow so he had plenty to share. I was just so surprised at how much this guy was helping me out. I just find it hard a resort doesn’t take credit cards and nothing is mentioned in the guide book but I got confirmation from another southbounder later.

After lunch it was 15 miles to camp. I think I hit just about every type of hiking terrain. My least favorite was the last 2 miles uphill through the jungle like conditions.

Tomorrow should be interesting at Olallie Lake Resort, maybe they will take a card. I do have a backup plan. There is a convenient store a few miles off trail that I would get to in 50 miles so I think I should be able to get by until then but no pigging out tomorrow on junk food, have to delay it a day. I really just want to get to Cascade Locks and rest before the final push to Canada.

I got to camp as it was getting dark, gets darker sooner in thick forest. Had a hard time finding the campsite with all the green and down trees. Just my luck all the camp spots were taken. I did manage to find a spot just big enough for my tent but not the best night sleep.

Also passed the 2000 mile mark.

Mt Washington

Three Finger Jack

Rockpile Lake

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