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Day 84: Sister Mirror Lake to CS1991 (34.9 miles - 1991.2)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

July 30, 2016 - Got a little cold last night, steam was coming off my pee this morning. With the cooler temps I was hoping that there would be no mosquitos. At first it appeared they were gone but I was wrong, they were right there to greet me when I left my tent. So like yesterday I packed up quickly.

It didn’t take long but the mosquitos slowly started to decrease, had a good feeling about the day.

I had about 35 miles planned and I figured to be nice to my shin I would back off the pace and take more short breaks throughout the day. I did stop and talk to a lot of people, crowded trail but I guess a popular spot in 3 Sisters.

I didn’t stay in the woods too long as I came out into a field with some amazing views of 3 Sisters, I saw them most of the day.

I slowly started heading north and got great view after great view. I was so done hiking in the forest but it does make for fast hiking. I figure the rest of the day would be out in the open and lucky for me there was a nice cool breeze all day.

I started to enter a lava rock field and hiked up to Opie Dilldock Pass which was my high point for the day, again great views. Then it was down to the highway.

Had a great lunch stop at Matthieu Lake. Spend longer than planned but figured I would do a little resting and swimming.

About a mile and a half from the road I entered another lava rock field which lasted for 4 miles, there was a short break in the lava rock while crossing the road. Then down to a burn section which lucky for me I decided to hike later in the day while it was nice and cool.

I did see that there was a fire going on out to the west. I thought I had seen something earlier in the day but got a good look heading down Mt Washington. I talked with a PCTA volunteer who had a forest service radio and said nothing had been closed so I hiked on.

Got to camp before dark. I didn’t have to rush to set up as the mosquitos weren’t too bad. Another long day planned for tomorrow so let’s hope my shin stays pain free like today.

South Sister

Middle Sister

Matthieu Lake

Hiking through the lava rock field with Mt Washington, Three Finger Jack, Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood off in the background

Forest fire near Mt Washington

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