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Day 83: Eliza Brook Shelter to Lonesome Lake Hut (5.9 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

August 3, 2004 - All I have to say is 5.9 miles for the day. I hadn’t seen anything like this before with the climbs. The climb up Kinsman took forever. It didn’t help that my stomach starting hurting again. I finally got to the top of Kinsman, just the south peak, still had the north peak to go. By the time I got to the north I was tired and it was getting close to lunch time but wanted to make it to the hut which was 3 miles. When I got to the hut I was still feeling bad and hungry, so I thought it might be a good to stay at Lonesome Lake Hut. When it started raining and lightening I decided to stay for sure. With the huts thru-hikers have to work at the place in order to stay the night or pay $75 like the other guests. The workers at the huts are very nice to thru-hikers but can only allow 2 hikers to stay at a time. The nice thing about the huts is free dinner and breakfast. The only work I ended up doing was sweep the bathrooms then had a great ham dinner.

Lonesome Lake

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