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Day 83: CS1919 to Sister Mirror Lake (37.3 miles - 1956.3)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

July 29, 2016 - The mosquitos I guess decided to get up early this morning because they have never been that bad before, worse than last night.

I packed up as quick as possible and was off. The morning hike started off in the woods then came out to an old burn section then went quickly back in the woods for most of the day.

I believe I ended up passing about 15 lakes on the day and probable twice as many ponds. I was surprised at how the mosquitos got better as the day went on which expected to be worse with all the ponds.

My shin had felt great all day until about 2.5 miles to go then it really started to hurt. The pain went down but I had some pain the rest of the way, I may have pushed it a little too hard.

I got to Sister Mirror Lake and was praying the mosquitos wouldn’t be bad but no luck, just as bad as the morning. I tried my best to get all my stuff in my tent with getting as few mosquitos in as possible. Had I fun time trying to kill all the ones that got in. However now they have all gone, it does feel like the temperature is dropping so maybe they will all be gone by tomorrow morning.

I hope my shin is better tomorrow like it has been the last 2 days because I really need to stay on schedule and get to Cascade Locks.

Sister Mirror Lake

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