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Day 82: Shelter Cove Resort to CS1919 (15.5 miles - 1919.0)

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

July 28, 2016 - I tried to sleep in but kept waking every little while starting at 6:30am. Finally got up 7:30am and walked back to the store for breakfast. They didn’t have a great selection so I settled for milk and poptarts. Then went back to my tent and packed up then went back to the store where I basically just hung out waiting for my package as there is really nothing to do.

Hung out with the other hikers under the big white tent that the resort sets up for the hikers. Finally at 3:30pm I see the UPS guy show up. I grab my package as fast I could, I could see it in the truck but had to wait until the guy unloaded, I wanted to get a move on as fast as possible.

I left the store around 4:15pm with the hope of hiking about 16 miles. I had several options of getting back to the trail. At first I was going to take the longer side trail back up but a few hikers talked me into taking the shorter road walk which bypasses about a mile of trail. As we were walking the 2 miles back to the trail on the road a truck stopped that has several hikers in the back. The drivers tells us to hop in. The guys I was with did so but I passed as I still have my continuous footsteps since Mexico still going. They just laughed and took off, didn’t take long to catch up to them.

Back on trail and it was smooth sailing all the way to camp, nice level trail. Even though mostly uphill it was a fast hike. Started off passing several lakes which was nice then it was pretty boring after that. Looked like a great sunset but couldn’t get a good look because of the trees. I got into camp just after 9pm, made it without breaking out my headlamp. Hoping for a big day tomorrow. Shin felt great today so hope that trend keeps going.

Lower Rosary Lake

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