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Day 81 - off the roads and back on the CDT (37.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 29, 2021

Miles: 37.0

Steps: 78,204

Slept in all the way until 6:45am. I probably would have gotten up earlier but I was doing a zoom interview with a reporter back home at 8am.

Did a quick 30 minute interview then went to the grocery store to get a little more breakfast and get some hand sanitizer.

Back to hiking by 8:45am. I had just 1 more mile on the paved highway then 18 miles on gravel roads all the way to the trailhead that leads back to the CDT.

Made great time and got to the trailhead around 2:30pm, just in time for lunch. There was a campground with picnic tables and a water spigot so no need to filter water.

After an hour break I hiked the 5.7 mile trail back to the CDT. The first part was flat as I went around the lake then it was up to the ridge.

Towards the top there were more and more blow downs which are never fun. Got back to the CDT and had 9 to 12 miles to go. I thought the 19 miles included the trailhead so I had not calculated that 5.7 miles into my day. Was going to wait and see how I felt towards the end of the day to see which spot I would camp at.

Trail was pretty easy to hike and stopped for dinner just before 8pm. I was feeling good and would have almost enough daylight to get to that second campsite.

Got in just after dark. Found a tree to hang my food then set up my tent which the duct tape is still holding so that’s good. However I must have another hole in my air mattress as it was completely flat this morning so I’m not even using it tonight, found a nice soft spot. When I get to town I’ll get the rest of the air mattress fixed.

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