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Day 77: Big Branch Shelter to Churchill Scott Shelter (31.4 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 28, 2004 - I was told yesterday that the rain was supposed to go for 36 hours and get around 3 inches. I hoped that when I would wake up it would have stopped so I could get an early start. So hard to leave a shelter when it’s raining. Sure enough, it wasn’t raining when I woke up so I was able to get an early start. There wasn’t much to see because it was so gray and cloudy. I did get a cool picture at Little Rock Pond. As the day went on the mud started to decrease; back to rocky ground. I did fall a few times on the flat rocks. I think someone just finished waxing them. Near the end of the day I came to Killington Mt, where I had to climb 2000 ft over 4 miles. It wasn’t too bad of a climb. There was side trail to the peak and since the sun was starting to come out I decided to go the 2/10 of a mile. What a waste of time, didn’t see anything. So I started down and I came to a shelter where I ate dinner. I had planned on going another 4.5 miles but I didn’t leave until 7:45 pm. That was a long 4.5 miles in the dark. I should have changed batteries in my headlamp. On my way to the shelter I could hear thunder. I got to the shelter as fast as I could but as safely as I could. There was one other hiker when I got there. About 30 minutes after I got in that storm I heard got here and it started to rain. I hope I get a clear day tomorrow. My first 30+ mile day in a long time, 31.4 miles.

Little Rock Pond

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