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Day 76 - very hazy day, not much views (34.5 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 24, 2021

Miles: 34.5 miles

Steps: 73,843

It seemed to get more smoky overnight as I could actually smell the smoke. Not sure if I got use to it or not but the smell went away and was left with very hazy skies. Probably the worst it’s been. I should expect that as I’m heading towards the fires.

The trail was pretty hard to follow in the morning. At times it was marked very well and there was a defined plan. Other times I got neither but when I seemed to be off I just checked my phone. I was on a trail for a long time before realizing I was on the wrong one and ended up having to hike up a steep hill.

Later that morning I was coming over a hill and saw a guy walking north and a guy walking south and ran into each other. I hadn’t seen anyone since I left Lima and run into 2 people hiking in different directions at the same time. The 3 of us chatted for awhile. The southbounder told us about a shortcut that would cut off 5 miles and it would be an easy walk.

After that I had lots of uphills in the baking sun with no cloud cover. I tried my best to stay hydrated but not many water sources around.

I did find a nice shady spot for my long break. Would had a great view but it was hazy, the theme of the day and probably the next few.

Got to the lake where I started my shortcut. It was a nice little lake and would have been a great place to camp.

The hike up from the lake was very steep but only lasted about a half mile. Then had a nice 6 mile road walk through a nice area, too bad so hazy. I had some cloud cover so I hiked the rest of the way in shorts, something I haven’t done much on trail.

Got back to the CDT and went another mile and half to camp near several small lakes.

Got to wake up early as I have a big day planned so I can get as close to the highway to Leadore as possible.

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