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Day 76: CS1733 to Dead Indian Road (26.0 miles - 1759.1)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

July 22, 2016 - Woke up early so I could get to Hyatt Lake Resort to pick up my mail resupply when they opened so I could make it on time to the road where I would get picked up.

Kind of slow moving morning but I got to the road to the resort on time. Only a 1.5 mile detour but was hoping to get a hitch but no luck so I had to walk the whole way.

I got to the resort and picked up my package, food supply and new camera since I broke my other one a week ago. I ended up hanging around way too long and figured I was going to be late to my pick up spot. I started the walk back to trail and was able to get a hitch most of the way back.

Back on trail after the 2 hour detour so I needed to get a move on. I ended up making great time as it was mostly flat and stayed in the woods the rest of the day.

I got to the next water stop and looked kind of odd but I had plenty of water to get me to the next one so I skipped it and just ate a quick lunch.

I then had a nice climb up to the top of the peak which was very easy and got to the spring sooner than I thought. After filling up on water I just had 2 more miles of uphill before the 4 mile descent to the road and my pickup.

Again I made great time on the nice level trail and ended up getting to the road 45 minutes early.

One of my running friends from back home is from the area and arranged for his parents to pick me up and stay the night where I could sleep in a bed, take a shower and clean my clothes.

After a few minutes of waiting I got picked up by Ken who had a cold drink waiting for me and drove me back to his house about 40 minutes away in Klamath Falls. Once I got to the house I meet Kathy who had a home cooked dinner waiting for me. After all that I’m taken out to Dairy Queen for dessert then spent the rest of the evening just relaxing watching TV and chatting with Ken and Kathy.

Side trail to get water

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