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Day 76: Bromley Shelter to Big Branch Shelter (14.5 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 27, 2004 - I woke up to the sound of rain so instead of an early start I went back to sleep. Once I saw it wasn’t going to stop I got going. Had to hike up Bromley Mt in the thickest mud you can imagine. Then near the top of the trail you get onto a ski trail (Bromley is a ski mt in the winter). At the top there was ski lift. Then headed down the mountain while it was still raining. I was moving so slow because of the mud and my feet were now soaked. I made it 8 miles until I got to the next shelter and hung around for 4 hours because I didn’t want to go back into the cold rain. Then around 4 pm it began to stop so I got going. Went 6.5 miles to the next shelter to get water and hoped to go another 3 but some SOBO said the next shelter was full so I’m staying here for tonight. Just 14.5 miles today, going to have to make up for that tomorrow.

View from Baker Peak

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