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Day 74: CS1661 to CS1695 (34.3 miles - 1695.8)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

July 20, 2016 - Had a tough time getting up this morning after the late night. It didn’t help that it was cold and windy making it hard to get out of my sleeping bag.

I got out of camp a little after 7am and to finish the hike up, I had a little less than a mile. I probably could have made it all the way to the top last night but didn’t want to gamble anymore of finding a camping spot.

The morning hike was mostly exposed ridge walk which can be nice if it’s not hot, seeing all around makes things more enjoyable.

After awhile I entered the woods. After walking in the woods for awhile I would come out to a clearing then back in, that was pretty much the rest of the day. I could tell things were starting to change the closer I got to the Oregon border which was just a few miles away.

After 73.5 days and 1689 miles I finally made it to the northern border of California and into Oregon. It was such a great feeling and accomplishment.

Made it a few more miles and found a spot to camp for the night. I basically had to camp right on a dirt road. I hope that there won’t be any cars driving by tonight. I did get to see a nice sunset and had a great view of Mt. Shasta.


View down to Seiad Valley

Oregon/California Border

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