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Day 73: North Adams, MA to Goddard Shelter (28.5 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 24, 2004 - After a great sleep in the indoors I went back to the supermarket to grab some donuts for breakfast. Hiked back to the trail with the couple, then once I got back to the trail I thanked them once more for letting me stay with them and then I was off up the mountain. After 4 miles of hiking I left the buggy state of Mass and entered Vermont, only 3 more states to complete. I went from a state that was buggy to a state that was muddy. I was sliding all over the place, the mud slowed me down a lot. Also, I had lots of uphills since I now entered into the Green Mountains and the Long Trail (a trail from Mass to Canada through Vermont). The AT goes on the LT for about 100 miles. After a long day and about 4 miles away from camp I meet these 2 SOBO who said that it was all downhill to camp but I had thought it was uphill which is what my book said. But I decided to believe them since they had just hiked it. So I was in a good mood since I had a downhill. However, my book was right; it was all uphill to the shelter. I was mad because I had expected the downhill. Got into camp around 8:15, just as the sun was setting. I had heard that there was a fire tower ¼ mile to the top of the mountain so I ran up there and got a great 360 degree view. Got lots of good pictures. Ran back down to the shelter where I made dinner. A long 28.5 miles today.

View of Vermont mountains

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