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Day 72 - made it to Idaho (35.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 20, 2021

Miles: 35.0 miles

Steps: 71,306

Well the mosquitos found me this morning. Didn’t think they would be bad since they weren’t around last night. I guess with the rain that came in last night scared them off.

I had just 6 miles to the Idaho border and was ready to move onto the next state. The trail was pretty easy all the way to the border, mainly flat and was in a burned area. Luckily it was overcast so temps were nice. Also it was nice as I had 15 miles to my next water source.

Got to the border and took a few pictures then just a few miles until I was out of Yellowstone National Park.

Once I left the park I was on an overgrown forest road which clearly doesn’t get driven on anymore.

I then left the CDT and stayed on the forest road to take the Mack’s Inn alternate. This alternate is about 30 miles shorter, easier hiking and goes through the town of Island Park, ID. I figured the faster I get through the fewer fires to deal with as I’ve going to be having to do a reroute soon because of several fires and it’s early in the fire season.

I did run into a southbound couple. We chatting for awhile swapping trail info.

I got to a nice cold spring and filled up on water to get me to town. I soon left the forest road onto a nice flat gravel road for awhile. Then the last 3 miles into town were on a paved road so I made great time.

Got to Mack’s Inn pizza parlor around 4pm. Got a 12 inch pizza and hung out for awhile. I did noticed it starting to get darker so I checked the radar on my phone and saw a storm coming in so I waited it out. Right before leaving a family gave me several slices of pizza to go.

I then took the busy highway up 2 miles to the general store to resupply to get me to Lima, MT. Then I made my way up the mountain for 6 miles to a campsite just off the dirt road.

I’ve got about 9 more miles until I rejoin the CDT.

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