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Day 71: Shaker Campsite to Kay Wood Lean-to (27.5 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 22, 2004 - Well, I thought that today the bugs wouldn’t be as bed as yesterday, but I was wrong. The mosquitos kept following me and land on me every once in awhile and the black flies were just as bad. I killed about 40 black flies throughout the day. Other than the bugs it was a great day of hiking, not too hot with the breeze. Also, not much climbing to do. The best thing about today was all the trail magic, 3 different stops, there was the Cookie Lady, but I didn’t make it to her house. All the trail magic was within 12 miles. Didn’t have to eat much dinner because of all the goodies. Waking up early in the morning since Dalton, MA is only 3 miles away where I need to resupply and hope to take a shower. I feel so gross. I’ve got a big climb tomorrow, Mt Greylock, which is at 3491 ft. I’ll have to start at 1000 ft so a good 2500 ft climb. I’m ready for it. Only 30 miles from the Mass-Vermont state line. Not sure if I can make it to Vermont tomorrow, but I’ll try. 27.8 miles today.

Uppergoose Pond

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