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Day 71 - Old Faithful Village, too many people (14.4 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 19, 2021

Miles: 14.4 miles

Steps: 42,500

Got up early and was ready to get to Old Faithful Village and the all you can eat breakfast. While I was packing up a guy showed up who was camped just down the trail. He was trying to figure out if the mosquitos were any better where I camped. I told him it was about the same where he was. He then told me to go checked out Lone Star geyser just a half mile down trail but it sounded like it just went off and it only goes off about once every 3 hours.

I had 4.5 miles to town and really wanted breakfast but I did stop at the geyser even though I knew I wouldn’t get to see it go off but it did spit out some water.

Got into town quick and went over to the Old Faithful Inn and find out no all you can eat breakfast and not even regular breakfast served so I went to the gas station and got a pint of ice cream as the general store hadn’t opened yet.

Once the general store opened at 9am I did my resupply and got more food to eat. Then I just hung around the area trying to get cell/internet reception but it was hard as so many phones on a small tower. I was able to download the topo map for ID/MT on my CDT app, that took awhile with no WiFi.

I finally went over to watch Old Faithful erupt along with 100s of other people.

Then walked around to see all the geysers as I slowly made my way back onto the CDT and onward to my camp for the night.

I ran into the guy that gave me a ride back to the trail yesterday. He told me where I could go in the Inn to take shower. Technically the shower was just for guest but no one seems to care who uses it so I went to check it out. No one was around so I went in the single room showers and locked the door and took a nice hot shower, they even had soap and shampoo. However, no towels so I had use my little camp towel which actually works really well for its size.

Went back to hike on the boardwalk and see the different geysers.

Once I left the boardwalk I had 7 miles to go with about half uphill then the other half flat.

Got into camp around 7:30pm. Hung my food bag, set up my tent, then filtered water. Taking out 3 liters as I have 15 miles until my next water source.

Got 6 miles to go until the ID/WY border. I’ll also be stopping in a small town at the end of the day.

It does look like there are some fire closures ahead so gotta figure that all out once I have a good internet connection.

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