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Day 70: Laurel Ridge Campsite to Shaker Campsite (30.3 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 21, 2004 - Had a great 1st night in Mass. Had some big climbs in the morning, up Race Mt and Mt Everett, and Jug End, a total of about 5000 ft of climbing. Then made it down the Jug End to 7 miles of flat hiking, that’s where the bugs got bad. You were walking through lots of swamps. I was hiking at 4 mph just to keep the bugs off of me. I even had to run a few times. The moment you stop there would be at least 20 mosquitos on you. Ate lunch next to the road because of no mosquitos. I then thought I was done with them, but I had problems with them all the way to camp and at the camp. I set up camp and ate dinner as fast as I could. Also had problems with the black flies land on my head and bite me. Off to bed in my bug-free tent. 30.3 miles on the day.

Had to get water from this swamp

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