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Day 70: CS1583 to Etna (13.7 miles - 1597.2)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

July 16, 2016 - So much for that early start I wanted. I always like to get up around 5am the morning I head to town but 5am came and it was cold outside so I just went back to sleep for another hour. When I woke up at 6am I was already to hike I guess that extra hour made a difference.

It was a good thing I found that small flat spot because there was nothing for 5 miles. I was hiking next to a cliff so I would had been hiking on the rocky trail in the dark, would have been real scary.

Those first 10 miles were pretty physically and mentally. I was just so ready to get to town and take a break but I was just moving so slowly because of the tough terrain.

I finally got to the top and the last 3 miles were a cakewalk, all downhill and level trail.

I was so happy to get down to the road that would take me to Etna. I heard the hitch into town can be a tough one as it doesn’t get much traffic and its common not to see a single car for an hour. I got down and saw a group unloading about 50 packs out of a U-haul. I tell them I’m trying to get to town. They said they are heading back and would gladly give me a ride once the kids arrived by bus. I didn’t mind waiting as I would just be relaxing in town anyways.

The guys dropped me off at the hostel, Hikers Hut, which is also a B&B. Wasn’t sure what to do first since I had so much time off. I figured shower would be the first thing. They had plenty of loaner clothes so I didn’t have to wear my rain suit while waiting for my clothes in the washer. Then it was off to town on one of the many bikes for hikers to use. It was about a mile ride to the one restaurant in town. I ordered chicken fried steak for dinner, it was ok and have had better. Then on the way back to the hostel I stop at the grocery store and picked up a few things to eat for the day, didn’t need to resupply yet since I’ll be around all day tomorrow. I was really craving cereal with whole milk.

The rest of the day I just chilled out in the hut chatting with the other hikers and watched a few movies. Also got a chance to upload more pictures.

Then in the evening the B&B was having a funding raising party on the other side of the yard. After awhile they invited us hikers over for dessert and drinks. However really it was only for dessert, one lady was mad that we got drinks but whatever no one really told us we couldn’t have any. After that it was kind of awkward so we left and went back to the hiker hut.

Now to sleep on a foldout bed since the 4 beds are taken tonight, should have a bed tomorrow, but the foldout is just as nice after sleeping on the ground for 2 months.

Mt Shasta of in the distance in the Russian Wilderness

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