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Day 7 - road walk into Gila National Forest

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

May 16, 2021

Miles: 10.1 miles

Steps: 22,065

Slept pretty well last night even though I had to camp outside at the hostel. I had planned to sleep in which thinking until least 8am but woke up at 6:30am, think it just got too bright out.

After getting up I made my way inside as all the hikers were packing up and getting ready to head back to the trail, some had left earlier while I was asleep.

Now I started to think about what I wanted for breakfast but soon found out not much is open on Sundays in Silver City so decided to take one of the bikes they have at the hostel and ride around until I see what’s open. My back up plan was the McDonald’s a good 2.5 miles away.

About a half mile from leaving I found a local spot that had just opened and was one of the first to get seated but it was a good 25 minutes before someone took my order. 30 minutes was going to be my limit before heading to McDonald’s as I was hungry. I ended getting the chicken fried steak breakfast.

After breakfast went over to the local grocery store to get a few supplies as I still had a lot left from resupplying in Lordsburgh.

By the time I got back there were just 2 other hikers left as they were taking a zero but I had planned to leave late afternoon around 4pm.

Then the rest of the day I just hung around the hostel watching a few movies on Netflix and chatting with the other hikers. Then finally around 4pm I started to get my stuff together and ended talking with one of the hikers and before I knew it it was almost 5pm. I had to get moving if I want that 10 miles for the day.

From the hostel it was a mile up to the trail where I would be taking another alternate trail that would take me to another alternate trail that heads through the Gila River which is suppose to be beautiful and have more water that the CDT section.

After the 1 mile road walk to the CDT alternate I had another 5 paved road miles into the Gila National Forest. Then turned on a dirt road. I actually crossed the actual CDT about 2 miles before making camp. The last 0.1 mile had me turn off the main dirt road and on a smaller forest road. Not sure how long before I get back to an actual hiking trail and not a road.

Just 36 miles to Doc Campbell’s Post and the Gila Hot Springs.

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