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Day 69: Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to to Laurel Ridge Campsite (25.1 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 20, 2004 - Slept well last night since I was in the tent and away from the mosquitos, but they tried their best to get in. I packed up as fast as I could because those mosquitos were waiting for me, so I skipped making breakfast and got out of the swamp. The morning hike was going great, a lot easier than yesterday. Then I made a wrong turn and ended up making a big circle. The detour made me walk about an extra ½ mile. They need to mark parts of the trail better. Then crossed the Housatonic River twice up Prospect Mt and got a great view from Rand’s View. Then went down to Salisburg, CT to eat my lunch and grab some junk food of pop, chips, milk and cinnamon rolls. Met a southbound thru-hiker and we passed on some info about the trail. Very nice guy to eat lunch with. We were both there almost 3 hours. Got back to the trail and started the climb up Bear Mt, which is the highest pt in CT. The climb up was easy but the climb down was very steep and rocky. My 1st time to climb over 2000 ft since NJ. About a mile down Bear Mt I crossed into my 11th state, Massachusetts, only 4 states to go counting Mass. Went about 2 miles into Mass before making camping at a campsite. It was only 4.5 miles to the shelter but it would have been dark by the time I got there. Had I not stopped in town I would have been fine. A good 25.1 miles today, going to try for 30 or more tomorrow.

Connecticut/Massachusetts state line

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