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Day 69 - into Yellowstone National Park (26.2 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 17, 2021

Miles: 26.2 miles

Steps: 57,627

Set my alarm for 5:15am but when it went off I turned it off as no need to wake up that early as I only had 26 miles to go. I ended up finally getting out of my sleeping bag around 6am, I seem not to be able to sleep past that time. After packing up I was on trail around 6:45am and had about 2,000 feet of climbing over 4 miles right off the bat.

While packing up I did have a deer come right up to my tent, didn’t seem too scared of me.

The climb wasn’t too bad but I normally don’t like starting my day with a climb like that. It’s too bad I couldn’t have hiked a little longer yesterday but I ran out of daylight and was tired.

Not much of a view at the top but while hiking down to the valley I could see the Tetons for the first time, not much hazy in the morning.

The hike down wasn’t too bad as it was rocky it spots. There were a few blow downs to deal with but nothing I hadn’t seen before.

Then I entered into Yellowstone National Park. Took a quick break before hiking on.

Down in the valley I followed the Snake River for awhile. I did start to head back up the mountain some but the Snake River was always running parallel to me.

Hiking up high the trail was very rocky so not much fun landed on the pointy rocks just right. Also made my hiking speed a little slower. Got a few nice views but nothing great.

Finally turned off the Snake River and onto the Heart River which took me all the way to my campground for the night. I stopped at 4pm and a lot earlier than normal but this is where I said I was camping with the Yellowstone Rangers. Technically I’m camping without a permit but I’ve tried my best to inform them by multiple phone messages and email over the last 5 days but they never answered back. The southbounder I talked to yesterday said he saw no rangers out in the back country. I will be heading into Grant Village tomorrow where the back country permits are given so hopefully I can work it out.

After getting into camp I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to start soaking my dinner away from where I would be sleeping. Then just hung around until it was ready to eat. Then hung my food bag. Luckily the campsite had a spot to hang. Then set up my tent. Then went down to the river and washed up a little before heading back to my tent to go to bed for an early night.

Plan to wake up real early to get to Grant Village for the all you can eat breakfast. I do have 12 miles to hike then 6.5 miles to hitch.

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