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Day 69: CS1549 to CS1583 (34.1 miles - 1583.5)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

July 15, 2016 - To be honest not much to write about today.

I made sure I drank plenty of water today since I really didn’t drink as much as I should have yesterday. Its starting to heat up again so I’ve got to be careful and not over heat like I did around Tahoe. I will say I was peeing clear all day.

I knew I had a few climbs today unlike yesterday which was mostly flat. The trail started off flat as it slowly started to head up. Soon I entered the Trinity Alps. A very nice area to hike in, looked different than the mountains before. Every once in awhile I would get a glimpse of Mt Shasta when I turn back to look around, seems like I’ve seen that mountain for a week now and should see it a little longer.

The trail has been heading west as of late, taking me around Mt Shasta rather right towards it. Then today I see why as there aren’t any mountains to the north.

Had a short downhill to the Scott River which was more just a stream, I was expecting something to swim in. Then after a quick break it was a big climb out to the top. The climb was very steep at times. I passed the last campsite for a while a mile into the climb but wanted a few more miles to make the hike to town short. The next known campsite on my map was 9 miles farther and that would be too far. About 5 miles up trail was a spring near a road and a lot of the time there are flat spots to camp so I decide to go for that. I get to the spring and no where to camp because I wasn’t going to camp on the jeep road. I hiked about another mile and found a nice flat spot.

Plan to wake up early and get to Etna as soon as possible where I’ll take a day and half off trail.

Mt Shasta sneaking over the mountain tops in the Trinity Alps Wilderness

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