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Day 68: Ten Mile River Lean-to to Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to (25.7 miles)

Updated: May 10, 2019

July 19, 2004 - Wow, what a hard day, didn’t think CT would be this hard. Had lots of rocky ups and downs. Also, the rocks were wet after last night’s rain. Went very slow in the morning, then around lunch time the sun came out and helped dry out the rocks. Then I made good time but still not as fast as normal; too many hills even for me. Got in 25.7 miles and I would have gone another 2 or 5 to the next campsites but I was tired and there was a big storm building so I decided to stay here at the shelter. I should have moved on because the mosquitoes here are horrible, must have been bitten 100 times but didn’t want to move on because of the storm and had already set up my tent. If I packed up and left it could have been close to dark and I didn’t really want to do a night hike. Well, I’m off to bed, hope it doesn’t rain tonight.

Stepladder to get over a barbwire fence

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