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Day 67 - froze in the morning, broke a pole, and stepped in some poop (35.8 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 15, 2021

Miles: 35.8 miles

Steps: 73,307

Got a good nights sleep even though I got up at 4:30am. It didn’t seem that cold in my tent until I got out and could see my breath and frost on the ground. I was surprised when packing up there were no mosquitos, I guess it was too cold for them.

Was on trail by 5:15am, before the sun had come up over the mountains. I was out of water so had to stop to filter some and it was hard to filter the water as it was so cold. My feet were freezing as well as I had frost on my shoes while walking through the grass.

Soon I got to a split in the trail and decided to take the alternate. It was about the same distance as the CDT but suppose to have better views. However the hazy was still around so not as good as views as it could have been. The hazy did hang around all day.

Back on the CDT I entered back in the woods where I would go in and out for most of the rest of the day.

I’m starting to get further into grizzly country so trying to be more aware of everything. I did see a herd of moose.

After leaving the woods I landed on a gravel road that went up forever before coming out to a highway where I could have hitched into town but I was 3 miles away from Brooks Lake Lodge where I had my resupply box waiting for me. I did run into a south bound CDT thru hiker, first I’ve seen.

From the highway I had a mile and half climb up to another gravel road that would take me the rest of the way to Brooks Lake Lodge.

Got to the lodge around 6:30pm and got my box. Spent the rest of my time there taking out everything from my resupply box and getting it organized into my pack. I was surprised I had new shoes in this box as my notes had it in the next box that I’m picking up. I guess I carry these with me until I get to Yellowstone to mail ahead.

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