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Day 66 - following the Green River and out of the Winds (33.5 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 14, 2021

Miles: 33.5 miles

Steps: 71,186

Tough morning getting up. Yesterday really took it out of me and I had lots of mosquitos hanging around my tent. I had less than a mile back to the CDT and had 33+ miles to get in so I got to hiking by 7am.

I knew I had an easy morning with the first 15 miles on the day would be downhill or flat as I followed the Green River to Green River Lake.

I was mainly in thick forest for those 15 miles but it was nice, mosquitos weren’t too bad. I could tell that it was getting hazy again like a few days ago. I’m just glad I had clear skies when I went over Knapsack Col.

The Green River was very much green and at times was a fast moving river.

Once I got to the Green River Lake I made a shape turning hiking away from the lake and heading off into a large meadow where I started my one and only climb for the day, up to Gunsight Pass. I think this marked the end of the Wind River Range.

Wasn’t too bad of a hike but it was kind of warm but it kept me out of the woods and the blow downs.

At the pass I made my way down and back into the woods and the blow downs. It was mostly flat as I went in and out of the woods and meadows.

About 2 miles out from my camp site I ate dinner next to a dirt road where there were car campers. I kept hoping they would invite me over to eat but no luck.

Last 2 miles on the day is when the mosquitos were the worst as I was hiking next to several ponds and a large lake.

Made it around the lake and found a nice campsite that overlooked the lake and the mountains.

Got to wake up really early as I have 36 miles to Brooks Lake Lodge to pick up my mail box. Hopefully I’ll get there early enough to where I can get my box and not have to wait the next morning to get it.

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