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Day 62: Chester to Lower Twin Lake (26.2 miles - 1355.0)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

July 8, 2016 - Well I tried to sleep in but my internal alarm clock woke me up at 5am then at 6am. I finally got up at 7am and went across the street for breakfast where I had a classic, biscuits & gravy. Then went back to my room and packed up and checked out of the Antler Motel.

Now the fun part of hitching the 8 miles back to the trail. I figured since I was in town that it would be much easier than the hitch in and it only took about 10 minutes and a local guy picked me up. Then a mile down the road a hiker looked to be hiking back so we picked him up.

Got hiking by 9:45am which I figured I could get in about 20 miles, the spot I had planned yesterday before deciding to go into Chester. The hiking was very easy, so made good time to the North Fork Feather River where I ate lunch. After lunch the hike into Lassen National Park was much easier than I thought so I made great time.

While in the park I came across Boiling Spring Lake. It was a very green looking and could smell the sulfur from a long ways off as Lassen is still an active volcano and the southernmost in area. I guess it’s pretty hot water as there was a warning sign about staying back.

After the lake it was more easy hiking to Warner Valley Campground. Right next to it is Drakesbad Guest Ranch which is a popular spot for hikers as they have meals daily but only at certain times for hikers but are kind of expensive. Also they give access to the pool when you purchase a meal but since I had just came from town I kept going. I did take a quick break in the campground to fill up on water. The plan was just go another 3 miles to the next campsite but I was feel good so I would decide when I arrive there if I would go any farther.

It was a rough climb out of the campground but it didn’t last long and was back to hiking on easy trail again. I got to the campsite and it’s was just filled with mosquitos so I moved onto the next one, Swan Lake that was another 4 miles. Swan Lake wasn’t much better from the last one so I moved on another half mile to Lower Twin Lake. I got there and there were several people camping and mosquitoes not to bad so I decided to stay.

Clouds off to the north looking a little like storm clouds so I put up my rain fly, hope it stays dry tonight as I always hate packing up with wet gear but it’s been awhile since I’ve had to do that.

Lassen National Park

Lower Twin Lake

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