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Day 60 - limping into South Pass City (2.4 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 8, 2021

Miles: 2.4 miles

Steps: 15,707

Slept in as I knew the general store at South Pass City wouldn’t open until 9am and only had 2.5 miles to hike.

My feet felt a little better but still hurt. I knew I just needed to get to South Pass City and could start thinking of getting to Lander. Most likely I was going to need to hike another 2.5 miles to the highway to hitch.

Hiked kind of slow as it was very rocky and that’s when I feet would hurt the most.

Got into South Pass City around 8:30am. The town is really just an museum of an old mining town and a few houses that the workers live in so the town doesn’t have much to offer.

The trail takes you down the old town where the miners called home before hitting the visitor parking lot and the general store.

No one was around so just sat on the porch waiting for them to open but turned out they didn’t open until 10am.

Around 9:15am the workers started to show up and they actually got me my package early and let me shop in the store, they just had some candy, soda and ice cream to buy.

While walking around one of the workers asked if I was ok. I told her I had some bad shoes and needed to get to Lander. She said she would ask around if anyone was going the 35 miles into town.

About 5 minutes later someone came by saying they were heading into town right now to drop off their trash so I jumped on that offer.

They took me straight to the outfitter store where I got myself a new pair of shoes. Also it workout for me to pick up bear spray along with a few other minor things.

Right after I went next door to a burger place to eat lunch. Then walked the mile down the main street to the motel I planned to stay at along with the grocery store across the street.

Checked in and took a shower to clean up before heading to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Then came back to my room to have an epsom salt soak before head over to do laundry a half mile away.

While doing laundry I watched a lady burn a bunch of towels. Luckily she got them outside before burning the place down.

On my way back to the motel I picked up a pizza. Then spent the rest of the day in my room watching tv.

Going to taking a zero day tomorrow to heal up more. My feet already feel a lot better. I should be good to go in the morning.

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