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Day 59 - long water carries, sore feet, and some views (37.5 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 7, 2021

Miles: 37.5 miles

Steps: 81,347

I tried to wake up early so I could knock out as many early morning miles as I could before it got too hot. However, I kept hitting snooze but finally got hiking by 7am

About a half mile down trail was the water cache I was looking for it at the road last night. I had plenty of pond water but took a little extra.

Most of the morning was like most of yesterday, rolling hills on dirt/gravel roads.

There weren’t many water options during the day so I basically stopped at all of them. Most were nice springs that the cows couldn’t get to so didn't have to deal with the normal cow crap.

After awhile I started going up every so gradual. I was starting to see the bigger mountains that await me. I should be getting into the Wind River Range soon and leave the Great Divide Basin.

I saw lots of cows but I expected that. I didn’t think I would see as many elk as I have. In the last 2 days I probably saw about 50. I never could get a good picture of one as they run off very quickly.

About halfway through the day I started seeing other people, not any hikers. I had not seen anyone since I left Rawlins a few days ago. Judging by the trail register I saw at the water cache, Swift is right in front of me and the closest person behind me is by a day at least.

I think I ended up on Oregon Trail during the day.

I stopped at the last water source for the day, an actually large river. I filled up enough to get me to camp 12 miles down trail. From there I kept climbing.

Then somehow I missed a turned and ended up on a large gravel road. It wasn’t a big deal as the road would intersect back with the trail, actually a little shorter.

Right before I was to reconnect with the CDT I tried to take a shortcut but didn’t turn out like I thought so had to go back to the trail.

The last part of the day had me go over this very rocky hill. That was really tough on my feet. For the most part my feet didn’t hurt too bad all day but the last 2 miles weren’t fun.

I did stop to eat dinner about 2 miles out and hike the rest in the dark. That’s the price for taking a longer lunch break. I figured doing a little night hiking would be cooler but not fun hiking on those rocks.

I can actually sleep in as I’m 2.5 miles from South Pass City to where I’ll pick up my package of food. However, the store doesn’t open till 9am. Then after that it’s about another 2.5 miles to the highway that will take me to Lander, WY. I plan to stay in Lander for 2 nights to rest up my feet and get some new shoes. Sounds like I should be able to camp for free at the city park.

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