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Day 58 - short time in the desert then back on the ridge (39.0 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 6, 2021

Miles: 39.0 miles

Steps: 80,434

Had a hard time get up this morning but I knew I needed an early start as few water sources plus hot temps.

Finally got on trail a little before 7am, wanted 6am start but it was just one of those mornings.

Started off with a downhill towards the bottom which seemed like I was back in the desert. The trail was very sandy at times so kind of hard to hike on but was mostly flat.

My blisters seemed to have gotten worse from yesterday but as the day went on they seemed to get better. I made a mistake getting those shoes at Walmart. When I tried them on at the store they seemed to work. I just traded one problem with another. Right now the plan is to pick up my package in South Pass then a few miles later I hit the highway and hitch to Lander which has everything I need. I’m getting to South Pass a day early as I budged 4 days to get there from Rawlins.

After the desert section I made the climb out with everything started to seem greener and pine trees started to pop up.

Not a lot of water sources to choose from with mostly them being cow ponds, sure hope my filter works.

Most the afternoon and evening was hiking along the ridge which I enjoyed even though my feet were hurting.

I really need an early start in the morning as it’s suppose to be warmer tomorrow.

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