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Day 56 - walk into Rawlins (9.3 miles)

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 4, 2021

Miles: 9.3 miles

Steps: 24,229

I had planned to sleep without the rain fly on my tent but as I was trying to go to sleep I noticed clouds starting to roll in so I quickly put it on and pretty soon after the wind picked up and it rained some, not sure how long because the wind was so loud.

Woke up at 4:30am so I could get to town as early as possible. It was hard to take down my tent in the wind. I kid you not, as soon as I got my tent all packed up the wind stopped.

Had an easy 9 miles to town and made it to the hotel by 7:30am, however my room was not ready so went down the street to McDonald’s to eat breakfast. Hung around for awhile uploading pictures and videos as I knew it would be awhile until my room was ready.

Next I went across the street to Walmart to resupply. Also bought a few other things like some shoes as my current ones are too small so hopefully these will workout better. Also bought a little sewing kit to fix up my pack and gloves.

I also bought a carton of ice cream, close to half a gallon. On the AT and PCT right around the half way point I tried to eat a half gallon of ice cream. I was successful on the AT, not so much on the PCT. This time it took me all of 10 minutes to take down the ice cream.

By now my room was ready. Tried to get the rest of my chores out of the way so I could relax in bed for the rest of the day. Got my gear cleaned up, took a shower and a soak. Then laid in bed until it was dinner time.

Roger That said he would let me know if possibly going out but never heard from him so I went next door to the grocery store and got some frozen pizzas to microwave.

After dinner spent more time in bed watching tv.

Going to try to wake up early but it’s going to be hard leaving the nice comfortable bed.

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